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Project Angel Food -- Bowling for Angels!

Hey everyone! I don't do this very often but I am raising vital funds for Project Angel Food through Bowling for Angels on Sunday, March 15th, 1-4pm at Pinz Bowling Alley in Studio City. Fundraising will last through March 31. 

Project Angel Food is a fantastic organization that prepares and delivers freshly cooked meals to those too sick to cook and shop for themselves. I am proud to have been able to associate with Project Angel Food and help out in their kitchen. Aside from being a great and fun group of people to get to know, they are literally proving life saving services.

Donate here on my personal web page—Every $5 raised means a free, freshly cooked meal will be delivered to the home of someone in Southern California debilitated by critical illness.

If you invite a few friends to join my team, and they invite their friends, imagine the number of meals we can provide!

Thank you!