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We are bowling this Sunday and you are an Angel, so this is why it's called BOWLING for ANGELS for Project Angel Food! Dearest friends, won’t you please help? I am asking you to please support our team Rainbow Fantastic at this Sunday’s event at PINZ in Studio City. Every penny means food for those who have nothing while battling unimaginable health issues and dire circumstances. NONE of it is going to overhead (which at PAF is minuscule anyways).  We love you and thank you and appreciate all that you do a million times over! Donation link is at the bottom of this email. 

It’s easy to help me reach my goal. Every $5 raised means a free, freshly cooked meal will be delivered to the home of someone in Southern California debilitated by critical illness.

If you invite a few friends to join my team, and they invite their friends, imagine the number of meals we can provide!

Thank you! Ava Hamada