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THANK YOU so much for coming here! I am so happy to have your support, helping to raise suuuper important funds for Project Angel Food (the best organization e v e r). We are Bowling for Angels Sunday, March 15rd, 1-4pm at PINZ in Studio City.

I AM SO EXCITED!! We are competing with other teams to see who raises the most - talk about FUNdraising!! 

I am so grateful for your support and generosity - please know that every penny collected will be 100% used for buying, cooking and delivering the meals to our PAF clients. And it is incredibly easy to help me and my team on our fundraising mission: you can pledge right here on this page!

Just $5 raised means a free, fresh, scrumptious meal will be delivered to someone forgotten by family and friends in the most difficult situations, fighting for survival. But we hope to make a thousand meals possible through our effort... such a long way to go!

If you are inspired by the work of Project Angel Food please won't you help us spread the word and share this link with friends? We need many great people like you to join our pledges and our team!

<3 ThAnK yOu SoOoOo MuCh, It MeAnS tHe WoRlD tO uS! <3

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