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Help me feed EVERYBODY!!!



 Hey Beautiful People, 


It is more important than ever that you give. Let's keep those who laid the groundwork for us safe. 

Bowling for Angels has been postponed in an abundance of caution for your wellbeing due to COVID-19 concerns. There is a lot of touching in bowling alleys. We will reschedule for a future date and will let you know the second we do. The good news is that it gives you and your teams more time to fundraise. Why this matters now: Project Angel Food is on the frontline of the COVID-19 epidemic as our clients are among the most vulnerable populations.It’s easy to help me reach my goal.  Donate here on my personal web page—Every $5 raised means a free, freshly cooked meal will be delivered to the home of someone in Southern California debilitated by critical illness.

I'm trying to be the change I want in the world and this is a step towards it. As some of you know a few years ago I got so sick that I was put on bed rest because my walking pneumonia gave me a serious lung infection. I was taken out of the world for a month. Luckily I had just enough savings to cover my bills and other things but I did wonder, what would have happened if I was sicker or things got worse? 

It's important to me to start paying things forward because you never know when you might be on the receiving end. 

Feel free to donate whatever you can. If you live in the LA area, and are free, i'm looking for a couple more bowlers to round out my team. LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

If you invite a few friends to join my team, and they invite their friends, imagine the number of meals we can provide!

Derek Dow