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Help Me Fundraise with My Sons!

In 2000, I began a career that would allow me to give back to my community through the work I love. Over my nineteen years at Project Angel Food I have been blessed with three beautiful boys. My oldest Josue is 15 and has seen my dedication throughout the years serving those in need. I feel as energized as ever, and am eager to pass on this drive to my younger sons Dominic and Oliver.

Today, I want to show my sons the power and impact of fundraising, so we are joining Project Angel Food’s Bowling for Angels team together. We’ve committed to raising $3,000, one thousand for each of my boys. Will you help us reach our goal by March 3rd?

It’s easy to help me reach my goal.  Donate here on my personal web page—Every $5 raised means a free, freshly cooked meal will be delivered to the home of someone in Southern California debilitated by critical illness.

If you invitea few friends to join my team, and they invite their friends, imagine the number of meals we can provide!

Thank you!