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Bowling For Angels 2020

Team David Bowlie

ReBOWLs With A Cause

Welcome to the Team David Bowlie Headquarters!

This talented set of amazing reBOWLs will be striking out to raise money for Project Angel Food on March 15, 2020.

Each $100 we raise provides 20 medically tailored, life saving meals in the hands of those who desperately need them. Will you help us?

Olympia “Space Oddity” Ammon and my fellow David Bowlies:

  • Dan “I’d Rather Be High” Rosier
  • Max “Let’s Dance” Ammon-Rosier
  • Cash “Dollar Days” Ammon-Rosier
  • Nicole “Wild Is the Wind” Ammon
  • Moira “Rebel Rebel” McFadden
  • Diana “Oh! You Pretty Thing” Bianchini
  • Kevin “Queen Bitch” Chase
  • Sam “Girl Loves Me” Divine
  • Carolyn “I Can’t Give Everything Away” Merrell
  • Ilise "Starman" Faye
Team David Bowlie Raised
Olympia Ammon $3,670.00
Diana Bianchini $645.00
Sam "Girl Loves Me" Divine $150.00
Ilise Faye $50.00
Moira McFadden $50.00
Dan Rosier $150.00
Team Gifts $150.00
Denotes a Team Captain