Search for a Bowler or Team

Help Project Angel Food strike out hunger by joining our 23rd annual Bowling For Angels fundraising event!  No need to be on pins and needles, each year this event gets more and more fun while we raise money to help feed those fighting critical illnesses who cannot feed themselves!

You can register as an individual or join a team.  Registration is $50 which includes shoes and lane rental for the duration of the event, tray-passed nibbles, snacks and non-alcoholic drinks.  And that $50 will feed ten hungry people! 

Don’t stop at $50 — get everyone you know to support you and help raise even more!  We encourage you to create your own personal fundraising page with a fundraising goal of $250.  To help you achieve this goal, we’ll provide the tools to design a personalized fundraising page that you can use to reach out to your network!

Oh, and if you’re not quite ready for primetime bowling, you don’t have to bowl.  You can be a virtual bowler and an actual supporter, and we’ll send you your t-shirt in the mail.  And you can still raise money for Project Angel Food!