We Make Giving Easy

We rely on support from the community to sustain our operations.

Our income sources

Project Angel Food generates income from a number of different sources. In addition the agency is heavily reliant upon corporate foundation gifts, individual donors, and direct mail. What does this all mean? Project Angel Food is a community funded organization.

New Fundraising

Renting out of kitchen and office space for filming and production is another means of income new to us. Being located in Los Angeles and having a state-of-the-art kitchen lends us many opportunities for space rentals.


DAF Direct

DAF Direct’s mission is to support nonprofits by providing a cost efficient and simple way for donors to give, and nonprofits to receive grants. By streamlining the charitable giving process for participating donors, DAF Direct helps nonprofits to tap into the growing popularity of DAFs. In 2013 alone, nonprofit organizations received $8.6 billion in grants recommended by DAF donors.DAF Direct helps nonprofits connect with potential DAF donors at the exact moment they are researching and interacting with that organization online.